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Wish List

While financial contributions may comprise the bulk of all donations to our team, our team is grateful for the numerous smaller donations of goods and services we receive every year. Here on our wish list, we've listed goods and services which our team would greatly appreciate if you or your company would be willing to provide. The items listed here will be used to help us build robots, host summer camps, and inspire students.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all donations to our team are tax deductible.

Items / Services Wish List:

Listed below is a partial list of the goods and services which would benefit our team and assist us in our mission to inspire students.

Aluminum TIG Welding Equipment

Priority: High

Our team works with a lot of aluminum over the course of the season for our robot construction due to its lightweight nature. As such, having the ability to weld aluminum would be extremely helpful.

Raw Materials: Aluminum, Polycarbonate, Delrin

Priority: High

Quite literally the main ingredients of any FRC robot, the donation of either these materials to our team would be extremely useful. Lexan/polycarbonate plastic is used extensively for shielding and various parts, while aluminum is used for chassis/frames, pillow blocks, machined parts, and more. Delrin is used as spacers, linear bearings, and gearbox plates.

Vex Robotics Design System Kits and Components

Priority: Medium

During the summer and fall months, these kits would be extremely useful for our FVC team and their competition robot, but that is not their only use on our team. During the winter and spring months, they work as an amazing rapid prototyping platform for testing and refining ideas, as well as having the ability to create accurate 1/3 scale versoins of our robot and playing field, to assist in public relations activities.

LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO NXT Kits

Priority: Medium

In the coming years, our team would like to offer education summer camps for elementary and middle school age students using LEGO Mindstorms and/or LEGO NXT robotics kits. Any donation of Mindstorms or NXT kits will help us achieve this vision.

Free Standing Drill Press

Priority: Medium

Our team would be very grateful for the donation of a free standing, floor mounted drill press. Our current drill press is almost sixty years old, and is basically at the end of its serviceable life, with replacement parts nearly (if not already) impossible to track down.

Horizontal Band Saw

Priority: Low

Our team would appreciate the donation of a horizontal band saw, capable of cutting at least something at least 4 inches x 6 inches. This would be extremely helpful for cutting the aluminum box tubing, plastic pipe, and other long materials used in our robot construction.

Thermoplastic Sheet Bender

Priority: Low

A thermoplastic sheet bender is used to bend sheets of thermoplastic, such as polycarbonate. We used a lot of polycarbonate sheets on our robot, and a thermoplastic sheet bender would allow our team to fabricate a wider variety of parts for our FRC robot out of Lexan.

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