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Why Sponsor a FIRST Team?

The world of tomorrow

Every year, America's brightest students, with the assistance of leading industry professionals, build robots for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Such companies such as NASA, Johnson & Johnson, Xerox, Radio Shack, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, General Motors, United Technology Corp. (UTC), and many more either directly sponsor FIRST Competitions or sponsor FIRST teams. It is in the continued generosity of these companies that FIRST has been made available to over 25,000 students for the 2006 competition. And this number continues to grow with each new year. But why sponsor a team?

The world of tomorrow

This country, as well as those all across the world, are undergoing a technological revolution. Everything is now becoming digital, fast, and electronic. But many hurdles still remain. In the United States we will need to learn to create a better society without sacrificing the environment or emptying our pockets. New, 'green' solutions like hydrogen fuel cell cars, magnetic levitation monorails, solar, wind and fusion power generation stations will be the wave of the future. And what better way to prepare for this better future than start off with a fresh, young generation of brilliant minds, for they are the future. Companies willing to find young people interested in science and technology are always looking for skilled and dedicated young people that will stay with that company and help to achieve these goals of a better future. And who's to say you can't the time of your life in the process? That is what FIRST is about.

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Gus Robotics Team 228 would like to thank our main team sponsors for their gracious sponsorship of our team.