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Despite being contrary to the fact that we are the robotics team, Team 228 is about more than just a bunch of geeks building a robot. Gus Team 228 is about FIRST, about becoming inspired, about realizing your full potential. FIRST is all about learning valuable life skills in a varsity-like competition, with months of building, planning, and strategizing. FIRST is about finding what you can really accomplish with your life. FIRST is about building friends, robots, and the basis for your future.

Welcome to FIRST, "The Hardest Fun Ever"!

High Five!

For participants in the FIRST program, you discover your future. You'll discover that science and technology really are cool, and that you these fields are not resigned to pocket-protector toting nerds. You'll discover new friendships; through our five annual competitions around the country, you will meet people from not only around the United States, but also the world. You will discover the true FIRST spirit that building robots, building friends, building life skills, and building your future are synonymous. Once you become involved, you will learn that there is much more to FIRST than building robots.

In FIRST, you will have some of the best times in your life. Through the varsity robotics competition, you will be pushed farther than you have ever been before. You will dive right in to things that you never thought you could or would do. And along the way, you will begin to realize that this really is an amazing competition. You will realize that the friendships and knowledge you gain here is something unparalleled in your life. When you arrive at the competitions, with thousands of screaming fans and spectators watching on, you will realize that there is something more to FIRST than just robots.

Chairman's Award - Team Spirit

Once you become involved in FIRST, the knowledge that you gain will enable you to 'leap ahead of the pack' for not only the countries most prestigious schools and universities, but also for your life. Through FIRST, you will discover over $8 million dollars worth of financial scholarships to hundreds of different colleges and universities to further your educational interests. Many colleges and universities are very supportive of the FIRST program, and value any students who have participated in it. Because of FIRST, you will discover how rewarding careers in science, engineer, and technology really are. You will discover that you can create a lasting impact on the world.

Team 228 would like to invite you to become part of this wonderful program. Regardless of whether you want to fabricate parts for the robot, drive the robot in the varsity competition to victory, or many of our other aspects of our team, we strongly encourage you to become involved in FIRST today! FIRST is an amazing, life-changing (for the better of course!) competition, that will redefine your aspirations for tomorrow.

Come check our FIRST for yourself!

Gus Robotics Team 228 - 2003 Drive Team

Visit the official FIRST Website. Here, you can learn more about the impacts of the FIRST program, as well as much more information about scholarship opportunities, regional competitions, and information for volunteers.

Browse around our website! For more information about our team, please see our What's Gus? and The Team pages. If you are interesting in volunteering, please see our Get Involved! page. Also, be sure to check out out Team Pictures and Multimedia and Videos pages for an inside look into our team, the competitions we attend, and what FIRST is really about.

Join Gus Team 228!

Don't know what you can do to help Gus? Don't worry, you do not need a be a "technical" person to be part of this amazing program! If any of the following areas are of some interest to you, then come check out Gus Robotics Team 228 today!

If any of these above mentioned areas interst you, then email our head coach for more information about this wonderful program. We would strongly recommend that any student that is looking to further their education at college should strongly comsider becoming part of FIRST and Gus Team 228. Not only can participation in FIRST give you wonderful oppertunities and experiences, but with $8 million dollars worth of scholships available (including many four-year, fully paid scholarships valued at over $100,000 to some of the countries premier universities) your future is limitless.

If you would like to read more information about the FIRST program, and the effects that it has had on its participants, we encourage you to read the following white paper from Chief Delphi Forums:

PDSIcon FIRST Testimonials - Want to know what FIRST is really about, and how it can change your life? What better way to learn about this than from real FIRST participants? This white paper is comprised of a series of letters from actual FIRST students, mentors, and volunteers explaining how FIRST changed their lives.
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