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Multimedia and Videos

Welcome to our extensive multimedia video galleries, where you can find dozens of videos from our team's history. But not all of these videos are just short clips, such as the millions on YouTube. Many of these videos have been cut and edited into short films between three and ten minutes long. As of late, we have even begun to take our video production to an even higher professional level, now filming everything in 16:9 widescreen. So from comedy to serious, technical to public relations, enjoy these many videos from our team's history!

Note: FIRST has granted our team permission to post official FIRST media here as digital archived materials in our Multimedia and Video pages. All official FIRST videos are copyrighted material by FIRST. All rights reserved.

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Ten Years of Contagious Enthusiasm

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This short film looks back on the last ten years of Gus Robotics Team 228, and shows us just how far we've come since then.

Tags: 2008 film history team contagiousenthusiasm

Bash at the Beach

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Team 228 competes at their last FRC competition of the 2008 game, FIRST Overdrive, at the Bash at the Beach competition. This is a short compilation video of the event.

Tags: 2008 frc overdrive competition bashatthebeach offseason

Autism Walk for the Cure

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Team 228 and Gus 9 participate in an annual charity event, the Autism Walk for the Cure, by walking (and for Gus, driving) around the sidewalks of downtown Wallingford, Connecticut with hundreds of other participants to raise awareness about Autism.

Tags: 2008 charity community gus9

FIRST Championship Event

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Here are a series of video clips and compilations from the 2008 FIRST Championship Event in Atlanta, GA.

Tags: 2008 championship atlanta deankamen frc

Putt Putt Tournament of Champions

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It the middle of the summer, and it's time for Team 228's first annual Putt Putt Tournament of Champions at a local mini golf place. As usual, things turned comical pretty quickly.

Tags: 2008 funny minigolf summer

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FIRST was founded in 1989 by the renowned inventor Dean Kamen. The aim of FIRST is to inspire students to careers in math, science, and technology through a fun and engaging robotics competition, which provides students with the ability to meet one-on-one with industry leaders and engineers.

The initial FIRST Robotics Competition comprised of 28 teams competing in a New Hampshire high school gymnasium. The ensuing years brought rapid growth to the program, to include over 35,000 students, 2,000 teams from 11 countries, competing at over 50 District and Regional Events, culminating with the World Championship Event in St. Louis, Mo.