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Bash at the Beach 2009

Congrats team 228 on making it to the finals at the Bash at the Beach robot competition! In an amazing alliance with 195 and 178, 228 and their partners were almost unstoppable! Thank you 195 and 178 for your teamwork! Also, congrats to teams 40, 238, and 1099 on your win!

Gus ended the competition with a 8-3-1 win-loss-tie record, our best of the season! Also, Gus went home with two awards, the Finalist award and the Cool Under Pressure award, an award for keeping calm in stressful situations. Thank you 236 and all the other teams who put on an amazing event!

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Photo Album: Pre-Season (Fall) Activities
Gallery Size: 100 Photos
Date: October 3, 2009
Tags: bashatthebeachoffseasoncompetition2009
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