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Graphics and Logos

In marketing, an attractive logo is what can make or break a product. And with Gus, no one can ever forget our bright, fire logo. And here is the source for team 228 logos, graphics, and more. You can also find the FIRST and game-specific logos here, but remember, they are copyrighted material. Also, all sizes are in the width of the picture in pixels.

Gus Robotics Team 228 Logo

After two years as the Duct Tape Bandits, our team voted to change our team name to that of our robot: Gus! Along with our new team name of Gus Robotics Team 228, a new team color was needed as well - one that would make our team stand out from all the rest - and that color was orange! Although there exists many more orange teams today than in 2001, our Team Spirit and Imagery awards (2002 and 2004 respectively) from our contagious enthusiasm continues to ensure that our team stands out!


Gus Robotics Team 228 Logo

Download: Small | Medium | Large | Adobe Illustrator vector


Classic Gus Logo

Download: Small | Medium | Large

Gus logo (print)

Classic Gus Logo (BW Print)

Download: Small | Medium | Large | Adobe Illustrator vector

Gus logo (Reverse)

Classic Gus Logo (BW Reverse)

Download: Small | Medium | Large

Gus logo Font

Gus Logo Computer Font!

Download: PC and Mac OSX

To use this font on your computer:
PC: Download the font file from the above link to your desktop. Open the Control Panel, and then click "Fonts". Drag and drop the font from your desktop to the Font window.
Mac: Download the font file from the above link to your desktop. Open your "Macintosh HD" folder, and then open "Library" and then "Fonts". Drag and drop the font from your desktop here.

In addition to Crackling, two more fonts are commonly used by our team for graphics applications. SerpentineDBOL is generally used for displaying "228" on our robot, or for other vinyl graphics applications. On our website, Myriad Pro is used for all of the headings. SerpentineDBOL is a free font that can be easily found through Google, and Myriad Pro is a professional font bundled with Adobe products.


As FIRST is growing rapidly every year, their logo is being seen and used more and more. FIRST wanted a catchy, but unique logo, and hence we get the current one. In late 2004, FIRST redesigned their logo slightly. The FIRST logo is copyrighted material.



Download: Small | Medium | Large

Game Logos

Every year FIRST introduces a new robotics challenge, and along with it a new game logo. These logos appear on everything from volunteer tee shirts to program books. All of these logos are copyrighted material from FIRST, and have been hosted here (along with all our FIRST history documents) with approval from FIRST, as part of our history archives.

FIRST LogoMotion Logo

LogoMotion (2011) Logo

Download: Medium

FIRST Breakaway Logo

Breakaway (2010) Logo

Download: Medium

FIRST Lunacy Logo

Lunacy (2009) Logo

Download: Medium

FIRST Overdrive Logo

Overdrive (2008) Logo

Download: Medium

Rack N Roll Logo

Rack N Roll (2007) Logo

Download: Small | Medium | Large

Aim High Logo

Aim High (2006) Logo

Download: Small | Medium | Large

Triple Play Logo

Triple Play (2005) Logo

Download: Small | Medium | Large

FIRST Frenzy Logo

FIRST Frenzy (2004) Logo

Download: Small | Medium

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Did you know that?

Epcot 2002

...The original team name of Team 228 during the 1999 and 2000 seasons was the Duct Tape Bandits? Through both of these years, the nickname of the robot was "Gus". In 2001, the team name was officially changed to GUS, and the team color changed to an orange fire theme. A team logo was developed, based around a fire GUS logo.

In 2007, this logo was updated to a more Web 2.0 look with clearer lines, elimination of drop shadow, and the addition of "Robotics Team 228".

About Gus

Gus Robotics Team 228 was founded in 1999 to bring the excitement and inspiration of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) to students from Meriden, CT. Since then, our program has grown into a nationally-recognized robotics team for students from five different high schools in Meriden and Wallingford, CT.

Through our involvement in FRC and VRC, we introduce and inspire students to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Mentors from a wide variety of fields including teaching, engineering (mechanical, electrical, robotics), computer science, machinists, technicians, business executives and more, teach students relevant real-world experience and applications.

We've also built strong relationships with our local school district, businesses and organizations to help provide our students the best possible experience; these sponsors are crucial to our long-term success.

Recent graduates from our program have won over quarter million dollars in scholarships, and have gone onto a variety of careers in STEM fields.