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Registration Open

Event Registration

Below you will find the registration form for Savage Soccer South. This is a separate registration than the main Savage Soccer competition held at WPI; if you wish to register for that competition, please see this link.

Savage Soccer a separate competition from, and is not affiliated with the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) or the Vex Robotics Competition (VRC). If you have a team participating in either of those events, you are more than welcome to participate in Savage Soccer.

Registration Information

Cost: FREE Event registration!
Team Size:
  • Minimum: four high-school students
  • Maximum (suggested): ten high school students
  • Plus at least one adult mentor
Necessary Parts: Note: The 2008 Savage Soccer South competition will be run using the existing Vex R/C crystals. In future years, we will look at using the new VEXnet Wifi when it becomes available as a competition option.
Event Registration:
Contact Name:
Contact Email:
If you do not receive a confirmation email within three days, please submit this form again.
School / Team / Affialiation:
Website: (optional)
Number of Teams:
Additional Questions or Comments?

If you already registered your team(s) and you would like to update any information, or you have questions about Savage Soccer South, please contact apdutra3@thiswebsite.

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Team 228 is a proud member of

Savage Soccer South of the Border
Big Country Hickory Pit Barbeque

Concessions for Savage Soccer South will be provided by the ever-increasingly famous Big Country Hickory Pit BBQ. So be sure to bring your appetite (and your robots)!