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Savage Soccer at WPI

November 7, 2010

As team 228 counts down the days until the FRC Kickoff in January, we were kept busy building Savage Soccer robots to compete in this past weekends competition. The game was based around rings being scored into "buoys" that were attached to a huge scale. Robots could also gain points by hanging off of the scale. Team 228 fielded 5 team for the Savage Soccer at WPI competition, #17-21. Building these robots was a great way to start off the year because it helped new students year about robot building and design before the major robot season. During the competition all our teams competed well and 4 of the 5 were picked into alliances for the elimination rounds. Team 19- The Lumberjacks, which was part of the #1 alliance, went the furthest in the competition, ending up in 2nd place as finalists. Our teams are now looking forward to our own event, Savage Soccer South of the Border, which will be taking place the first weekend of December. If any teams aren't quite ready to say "bye" to this year's Savage Soccer game just yet are encourage to come join us for this fun event! For more information on our event or to sign up a team, click on the Savage Soccer link at the top right of the website.


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